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Apr 14, 11 11:33 PM
Weekly Raid Quest
May 22, 10 1:32 AM
Good work everyone
May 6, 10 9:49 PM
West Coast Raid ((3/30/10)
Mar 31, 10 3:51 PM
Tanks and Ranged
Mar 27, 10 10:41 PM
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CATA IS HERE!!! and its raid time again.

We will be forming new raid teams for cata. we need more people interested in leading to step up and let me and officer know. As of right now the only raid leader is the GM so there will only be one raid on the schedule for the week.

If you are interested in raiding on this Progressionteam there will be a forum to sign up for a permanent spot. those signed up have first priority. other spots will be filled by people that sign up on the guild calender.

There is a Raiding 101forum. This explains what i am looking for in raiders and what you should expect from eachother please take a few minutes to read
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Testedsoldier, Apr 14, 11 11:33 PM.

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Weekly Raid Quest

Pepper(Jen), May 22, 10 1:32 AM.
On Thursday's at 4 pm server time we will be running the weekly raid quest. (unless it is ICC) then we will run another. Pls take a look at your calendar. Come and join for fun and some excitement. :)

Good work everyone

Stealthdocta, May 6, 10 9:49 PM.
we finally had our first ALL guild run for ICC 10 man and we were successful in the first wing.its safe to say that we do alot better when working as a guild and not pugging. lets keep up the good work and soon we will beat ICC. this is the #1 guild

West Coast Raid ((3/30/10)

Raidis1, Mar 31, 10 3:51 PM.
We had a successful raid last night, even though we only had 5 guild members in the raid. I would like to see more participation in the weekly/scheduled Raids. We have two groups running to help with the time zones.
There were rewards (incentives) that were given out last night. 50 gold was awarded to every raid member that completed that weekly. Another 25 gold was given out for a non-wipe. 83 gold went out to the highest DPS, another 83 gold went out to the highest healer (but healer left group prior to receiving), and since the tanks kept aggro there share was split up between the two, both receiving 42 gold a piece.
Lets keep this up and get more guild members involved.

Tanks and Ranged

Raidis1, Mar 27, 10 10:41 PM.
I like the way that the Guild is being pulled together. Its great to see more 80's and more Guildies building up to 80. The one problem that I see is that we are short of Tanks and Ranged DPS. So, I would like to know that if you are able to respec, is it possible to get some tanks out there. I would be more than happy to help you out with running as well as running you through dungeons to get the gear that you need. Its been difficult and a pain that it seems like we have the same people tanking and healing, lets all pull together and help each other out. If you are interested let an officer know. I am on mostly every night, either as Raidis or Rissandie. Even though its the internet I have an "open door policy", let me know if you need help. I would like to see more of us get vent (which is a requirement for raiding), regardless if you don't have a mic, the important thing is that you can listen to instruction. It makes it allot easier than typing.

Last I was told was that our guild was ranked number 40 on the server, thats pretty damn good. Lets improve that and have some fun.

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